Using BrowserStack to Virtualize Mobile API Testing

Physical devices are cool and all, but how cool would it be to create virtual mobile infrastructure and install mobile applications on it. Better yet, how cool would it be to be able to do this, and also be able to redirect all the web traffic to the proxy of your choice for manual inspection […]

What’s Better? Penetration Testing vs. Red Teaming

A few years back, the concept of red teaming was all the rage and at the tip of the tongue of every information security professional. There’s are common misconceptions about red teaming and the term is often used interchangeable with penetration testing. This post will explain the 5 main differences between red teaming and penetration […]

An Introduction to Zoom Bombing

Zoom has been under the gun in recent weeks due to “cyberattacks” such as “zoom bombing”. Users have been flocking to alternative video conferencing solutions such as Microsoft Teams, WebEx, GoToMeeting, amongst others. I’m not going to go in depth here because these has been beaten to death by the media and I’m assuming if […]

A Guide to Exploiting MS17-010 with Metasploit

One of the articles that I have written that got the most traction was the one regarding exploiting MS17-010 with Metasploit back in 2017. Well, things have changed, tools have changed, and methods have changed. Because of that, consider this the 2020 edition of that post. Metasploit has released three (3) modules that can exploit […]

Motu AVB Directory Traversal Vulnerability and Exploit (CVE-2020-8009)

We’ve found that MOTU AVB devices contain a directory traversal vulnerability. During testing, we were able to append characters to the end of the URL and manipulate the application to display local files. For example, when using the URL of The application responds with the listing of the /etc/passwd file. The vendor has not acknowledged […]

SilentTrinity Beginners Guide

The exploit frameworks have come and go over the years. Meterpreter was excellent, easy, and effective (and actually still works on a lot of networks that I test!). Empire was great, however it is no longer supported albeit now being resurrected by BC-SECURITY over on Github. In the world of pentesting these tools are old […]

SpecoWeb Directory Traversal (CVE-2021-32562)

SpecoWeb (presumably all versions or at least all versions that I have tested) is vulnerable to a directory traversal vulnerability. This vulnerability can be exploited using a browser and Burp Suite. Appending /../../../../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd at the end of a SpecoWeb URL discloses the hash values of all users. All affected instances that have been tested thus […]

How to Pivot with Meterpreter and Proxychains

During an external engagement recently, I encountered a ColdFusion server was vulnerable to the BlazeDS Vulnerability which allows remote code execution. I stumbled upon the article written by Brett DeWall at WhiteOak, which has a great write up of this vulnerability and how to exploit it which can be found here I followed this write […]

Why MSP’s need a Penetration Testing Partner

With the number of MSP’s on the rise and new players entering the market seemingly every day, the challenge arises to differentiate and compete with both similar sized and national sized MSP’s. MSP’s are seeking ways to provide more value, offer new and exciting services and find ways to augment their staff with expert capabilities. […]

Introducing the ALLYGN Partner Program

SYRACUSE, NY – Hacket Cyber is pleased to announce the release of their ALLYGN partner program. This program is designed to augment the capabilities of MSP’s, MSSP’s, VAR’s and CPA firms. This program provides all the relevant training, marketing, sales and operational support needed to successfully maintain a healthy and functional relationship with our expert […]