With the number of MSP’s on the rise and new players entering the market seemingly every day, the challenge arises to differentiate and compete with both similar sized and national sized MSP’s.

MSP’s are seeking ways to provide more value, offer new and exciting services and find ways to augment their staff with expert capabilities. With the growing security concern and compliance requirement for penetration testing, MSP customers are demanding these services! Here at the top 3 reasons MSP’s need a penetration testing provider.

Added Value

Giving the customer the feeling that you partner with an expert staff of hackers that can deliver offensive security services lets the customer know that you take security, and most importantly their security very seriously.

Untapped Revenue Stream

Reselling security services is a completely untapped revenue stream for many MSP’s. Most are searching high and low for new, exciting services to offer to their customers and demo’ing hundreds of products a year. Reselling penetration testing services from a full service provider gives MSP’s a recurring revenue stream that can be bundled with many other service offering such as compliance, training, etc.


Alignment to make the customer more secure is what makes a transactional customer a “sticky” customer. The best way to do this is to create the cycle of Testing, Remediating, Implementing, and Retesting. This recurring process ensures that security and hack prevention is at the forefront of the customers priorities and keeps the alignment that will help prevent the customer from becoming the next headline.

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