Hacket Cyber Partner Program

Do you want to partner with cybersecurity experts?

Are you a VAR, MSP, MSSP, IT Integrator or Compliance Specialist looking to add penetration testing and offensive security cyber services to your capabilities? We partner with groups around the country to to offer complete, comprehensive cybersecurity services and third party assessment for their clients. The ALLYGN partner program is purpose built so you can leverage our team of cybersecurity experts and provide our services to your customers.

Increase Customer Retention

Partnering with Hacket will allow you to keep your current customers satisfied by offering expert offensive security services to fit their needs. Also, by augmenting your capabilities with Hacket, you’ll be able to attract new customers by providing them with solutions to satisfy their compliance and regulatory needs.

Separation of Duties

MSP’s need to partner with a third party penetration testing firm to create a clear separation of duties. We guide our MSP’s and the end customer through the penetration testing process and remediations to leave in a maximum state of cyber resilience.

More Sales Opportunities

The opportunities that a partnership creates is undeniable. Our current MSP partners are experiencing an increase in sales, managed services, and recurring revenue as a result of offering a new, untapped necessary service such as penetration testing.

Learn more about why MSP’s and resellers need a penetration testing service provider to partner with!

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