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Offensive Security and Assessment Services

Network Vulnerability and Penetration Testing

Network Vulnerability and Penetration Testing is the process of analyzing a network and identifying security deficiencies. These deficiencies are then exploited and penetrated, allowing us to gauge the true severity and risk the vulnerability may pose to your organization.

Web Application Security Assessments

With applications moving off of desktops and into browsers, web applications are becoming a common way hackers steal data. This reviews the security posture of an application by performing grey box vulnerability and penetration testing against the applications.

Social Engineering Assessments

Social Engineering remains the most common and effective way of breaching security controls and is something every business should test. We have a comprehensive portfolio consisting of phishing, vishing, and physical security service offerings.

Employee Awareness Training

Most employee awareness programs consist of the same, boring content that is re-used year after year. Using Hacket as your training provider gives your employees real world insights into what hackers are doing and the war stories of the havoc that untrained employees have caused.

Red and Purple Teaming

Our Red Team security assessment focus on threat emulation and assessing the effectiveness of an organizations security response rather than the security of an organizations infrastructure. Elements of red team testing is to emulate APT’s, evade detection, gain network access or capture predefined flags, giving our customers a realistic view of their security response and effectiveness of defense mechanisms.

PenTesting as a Service (PTaaS)

Instead of waiting weeks, sometimes months for an assessment report, PTaaS is an interactive penetration testing process that involves identifying, exploiting, presenting, and remediating vulnerabilities in real time.

Wireless Security Assessments

Wireless networks are often an overlooked entry point into a corporate network. This assessment reviews the security of access points and associated networks while attempting to exploit misconfigurations to gain unauthorized access.

Tabletop Exercises

Want to simulate a ransomware attack? Banking malware? Lateral movement? Command and Control traffic? Our tabletop exercises gives you a real world scenario with neutered malware and gauges your organizations true response to a potential cyber incident.

If you think technology can solve your security problems, then you don’t understand the problems and you don’t understand the technology.

Bruce Schneier