Key Factors for Cyber Insurance Penetration Tests

We see it all the time, you go to renew your cyber insurance policy or apply for new converage and the carrier gives you a mile long checklist with one of those items being “have you had a penetration test done in the last X years”. If the answer to that question is no, you […]

What’s Better? Penetration Testing vs. Red Teaming

A few years back, the concept of red teaming was all the rage and at the tip of the tongue of every information security professional. There’s are common misconceptions about red teaming and the term is often used interchangeable with penetration testing. This post will explain the 5 main differences between red teaming and penetration […]

Why MSP’s need a Penetration Testing Partner

With the number of MSP’s on the rise and new players entering the market seemingly every day, the challenge arises to differentiate and compete with both similar sized and national sized MSP’s. MSP’s are seeking ways to provide more value, offer new and exciting services and find ways to augment their staff with expert capabilities. […]